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Founded in 2011 with the philosophy and desire of providing the best customer service in the industry, we specialize in the analysis, preparation and execution of successful plans.  Our services are customized to best suit our clients and their individual accounts.  AR&I is an Oregon Licensed and Bonded collection agency with a great reputation of producing results.  Contact us for further information.

Debt Collection:

  • AR&I customizes our debt collection services to suit your specific needs.
  • Asset Recovery and Investigations utilizes the most advanced collection resources.
  • We are debt collection specialists and are eager to support you with your collection needs.
  • We are the only agency that will handle your recoveries from start to finish.  From locating and recovering your collateral to then collecting on the deficiency balance.

Collateral Locate and Recovery:

  • Ever changing legislation governing the repossession industry and debt recovery processes have made it paramount for lenders to employ the right repossession service provider to protect their financial and legal interests.
  • All repossession strategies are formulated based upon our client’s instructions and thorough in-house investigation of all related issues prior to execution of any field efforts.
  • We provide a professional repossession service offering professional collateral recovery nationwide.
  • Clients are fully informed throughout the entire recovery process.
  • Our fee structure is competitive and flexible.
  • We are fully licensed and bonded.

Judgment Recovery:

  • When you instruct us to collect a Judgment on your behalf, we will identify the most effective method of enforcement and begin immediate efforts to ensure a smooth and prompt Judgment Recovery.
  • We will devise an educated, precise and customized plan to collect and recover any and all funds or assets in effort to collect on your Judgment.

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